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Islander is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and multi-media artist based in United Kingdom and France.

"...excelling in beauty of tone and heartfelt melodies, Islander's folk ballads are a treat for the ear..."


...'I am an Islander!  That will never change, as long as I live, wherever I live...'  (Islander)

Hello Folks! I'm Islander, singer, songwriter, guitarist. As a professional tenor, (Alexander Anderson-Hall) I have enjoyed more than 25 years travelling around the world performing operas, operettas, musicals, oratorios, concerts and recitals, but now I am 'turning the tide' and returning to my roots in folk music. In the spring of 2018 my debut folk ballads album 'Turning the Tide' was released and in the wake of its popularity I enjoyed the thrill of my first 'Islander UK Tour' covering a range of venues and folk clubs around Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales as well as tour dates in France in collaboration with fellow musician and singer James McOran-Campbell - coming together for 'Classi-Folk' - a brilliant mix of classical and folk favorites from all over the globe, a popular project which is still ongoing (visit the Tour page for details).

As founder of AudeFolk, Islander runs monthly folk club sessions from his riverside 'Atelier' on the banks of the River Aude in SW France. 'We gather together, a real diverse and talented bunch of 'AudeFolkies' - a congenial place to try out, perform and jam in the comfort of friendship, fun and fire-light - usually fuelled by local wines and beers, snacks, great music and a lot of laughter - as it should be...'

Exciting news and most recent update is that I have been back in the recording studio working on a brand new album of my own material which includes some chilled, mellow ballads, some lively up-tempo numbers and an injection of lighthearted fun.

'My murmur laden shells' is now available to preview and download on the Music/Video page and available for streaming at Spotify, and Bandcamp Also available on CD. Look out on the Tour page for tour dates in UK and France for 2023/2024. See you soon!

'... My murmur laden shells, by Islander, An eclectic thrilling journey across genres and styles, brilliantly produced, played and sung. This is a masterpiece...' MM
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